Online Learning

Since the pandemic began and as schools closed down their brick and mortar operations, teachers were expected, overnight, to engage students in learning situations.  Zoom topped the charts in creating virtual space for classroom lectures and face to face interaction.  This was short lived as the teaching-learning cycle involves much more than a video conference.  There was also the clear and present danger of stress from too much screen time.  Schools began looking for Learning Management Systems, some free, some paid.  Into this area, LDG stepped with models of teaching online - beginning with helpful hints and handouts on Zoom, to managing Google Meet and advice on using Microsoft Teams. Over the last two months a module on Flipped Classrooms for Online Learning emerged as the process of choice for many.

Teachers from The Bhawanipur Education Society College (all departments, all teachers), Bhawanipur Gujarati Education Society School (teachers of Class 11 & 12 ISC), weCan Learning Resources (teachers who work with Learning Disabilities), Modern High School for Girls (teachers from across the school), Akshar (teachers from across the school) and the first group of all teachers of St Xavier's Collegiate school, have been a part of our introduction to online learning process.

LDG has devised and implemented training in how to use the Flipped Classroom as a process of blended learning to engage and interest students learning through a virtual medium.  While it is more effective in higher classes, there are some techniques which produce excellent results across all levels.  LDG has created this module in a Learning by Doing model where the process is used to teach itself.  Here's a feedback letter shared by the Director of weCan Learning Resources.

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Earlier Projects

  • Leadership and Team Building through Adventure Activities A day of fun and learning organized along with Himalayan Footprints / Adventure Zone at Ibiza Merlin Greens. 68 engineers and others from a real estate development project team went to participate in daylong activities that stretched their imaginations, skills and risk taking ability.  Great learning all round.  Check the photos in the gallery.
  • Careers - some points to consider A session with school students at the C4U career fair at M C Kejriwal Vidyapeeth on December 7, 2013.  Check the downloads tab for the PDF file.

  • Effective Design & Delivery of Training A session at IIT Kharagpur for people from all over the country.
  • Weekend program on Effective Design & Delivery of Training at Hotel Senator on August 31 and September 1, 2013.
  • Putting together packages for organizations to build their own training capacity from within - Grow your own success! This involves capturing knowledge, managing it, converting it into focussed modules for target audiences, helping supervisors develop skills of transfer of learning and evaluation - all this while they keep their primary work in focus.
  • Working with a large construction company to help them distribute quarterly rewards in a systematic manner across their various categories. Challenge is the performance appraisal process should vary widely across the types of work in the organization. Measurement is the challenge.
  • Helped two groups of entrepreneurs to do some self-analysis in the area of interpersonal relations, behavioural preferences and how it can work for them in social and work life.
  • Ran two successful workshops on Problem Solving Tools and Techniques for the British Council, Kolkata  mixed group from several different organizations, some corporate, some educational.  
  • Working with a group of tea gardens to develop some processes in HR - incentives, competency based appraisals, measures of success and more.
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  • Conducted Learning Needs Analysis for a large chain of fast food outlets. Converting world-class processes to Indian conditions of learning and culture.
  • Helping a traditional, world-class carpet manufacturer to understand the climate of their organization with a view to developing people and processes and equipping itself for future trends.
  • Original love, Teacher Training at The Heritage School, Our Lady Queen of the Missions, Loreto Day School Dharamtala, Loreto Convent Entally.
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  • Group sessions with college students in core skills and life skills areas - worked with Future Business School (MBA-HR), Loreto College, Globsyn Business School.
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