The Cat-Girls

a story by Christabel (13)

“Mummy, mummy! Look what Dave an' me found,” cried five year old Adrian, running into the kitchen. His mother, Sara, turned to see what it was. When she caught sight of it, she gasped in shock. It was a little, metal, heart-shaped box.
She asked Adrian how he had found it. He replied, “Dave an' me was playin' Pirates, see? An' we was diggin' under the oak tree for pretend treasure an' we found this box.” “Well Adrian, do you and Dave want to hear a scary story about this box?” asked Sara. “Oh! Yes, please Aunty Sara,” cried Dave, while Adrian nodded in excitement. They both ran and sat on the sofa.
“Well,” began Sara, “Melanie and I were very young when this happened.” “That's my mummy's name!” cried Dave in delight. “Yes, Dave, your mummy and I were the best of friends.” said Sara. “Just like me an' Dave.” cried Adrian. “Okay! Where was I? ........Oh! Yes, we were exactly five years old when we both went to a pet shop and bought one day old, twin, black kittens with yellow eyes. We loved our kittens very much and played with them every day. My kitten's name was Shadow and Melanie's kitten's name was Mystic. The kittens grew up with us and soon turned into lovely, sleek, shiny cats.
We reached class twelve and we were both eighhteen years old. Shadow and Mystic were then thirteen years old. We were studying for an important exam at my house. We had our cats. It was around midnight. We were learning from chapter thirteen of our books, I remember.
Suddenly, the words on the page disappeared! A handprint of blood appeared! It then morphed into a cat's paw print! Automatically we turned towards ous cats, who had been lying on my bed. Our dear cats had gone. In their place there were two black haired, light skinned, golden-eyed girls. They looked about our age.
They spoke in silvery tones. They said that they had little time. They wanted us to pull off all eighteen of their claws, when they changed back to cats, at the stroke of dawn (1 o'clock ). They explained that it was the only way their spirits could be freed and...BONNNGGG...BONNNGGG...BONNNGGG....
We were interrupted by the chiming of the grandfather clock. The fatal hour had arrived, bringing with it the end of our bewitching experience and our beloved cats. We got through with the heart-wrenching task. As soon as the last claw was out, Shadow and Mystic were bathed in a soft, honey-coloured light and their bodies vanished slowly until all that was left of them were two, shining, blue specks of light that spiralled Heavenwards and finally disappeared.
We reverently placed their claws in a box and buried it under an old oak tree. We never saw them again and now you kids have found that box.” “Yay! Nice story Aunty Sara,” said Dave, “But, there are no claws in the box, there's nothin'. I'm gonna ask Mummy if it's true.” “Yes, of course and Adrian may go too, if you want,” said Sara. “Hooray! Yippee!” they yelled. They raced down the road together.
Sara got up and reluctantly went into the kitchen to make the dinner, wondering what had become of the claws that had been inside the box.......

~ Christabel D'Gama


a poem by Lorenzo (10) written at a British Council workshop.

Space is not that cool,
If you think it is,you're a fool.
It's like a giant swimming pool,
You get to be away from school.

People think that space,
Is a huge briefcase.
It always makes you race,
But you couldn't move a pace.

Space is so big, I'd love to explore,
Never Earth, or it's core.
'Cause it fills you wih excitement, you want to jump,
Bang your head and get a space-lump!!

Space is not scary,
It makes you merry,
You'd want to eat a cherry
And maybe some dairy.

In space the sun is very red,
And makes you sleep all day in bed.
If you dare to go close, as I said,
I'm quite sure you'd be dead.

Space is so big, I'd love to explore,
Never Earth, or it's core.
'Cause it fills you wih excitement, you want to jump,
Bang your head and get a space-lump!!

~~ Lorenzo D'Gama, November 2010


The longing story about cars

     by Leonardo (11)
  “...and Bugatti, no Red bull, no Ferrari, aaaaaaah, its a tie between Bugatti & Ferrari,” said the television. “Oh, man its a tie, hmm whatever,” 3 minutes later.... “we've decided to make a tie breaker, fastest to ten rounds wins!”     “Yes,”  I said  “another tie breaker.”
  “ Yeah, come on, you can do it Bugatti. Pull your car up Das.  You & Torreto have to reach together.  Then you two can come first!  The two Bugatti bros.  Oh yeah” I said  (that's when I  was small.)  Now check me out, I'm number 1 racer in the world!
               Cool huh?  I like racing 'cause I always used to play racing games.  Because they were fast-tracked and awesome turnings, but I liked  video gaming and outer sports better than this sport.  I used to play with model cars, but now I'm retired from racing because  everyone wanted to take me to race for their country!  And they were actually setting up prices to how much they wanted me for racing for their country like someone says 1000 ,the other says 5000 ,then it changes to 20,00,00,000, the other said so, I told them that I'm quitting because of them and I quit!!
Now I'm super fast at playing racing games       and win all the championships at racinggames.com.  I play racing games like NFS  need for speed carbon etc.
This is my longing story about cars.      ~Leonardo D'Gama~

                  The poem for everyone

The clock is a bit ticky
have you seen my dads page on Wiki Tiki
Its a page from wikipedia
 and the nets a bit like an encyclopedia

the clock doesnt really tell us the time
at 12 you will hear a time chime
first you will eat a samosa
and wrap it up with a dosa

have you heard about the 1 minute sermon
you will think of my teacher miss lemon
have you seen a little mouse
its not better than andrew strauss

the clock s a bit ticky
have you seen my dads page on wiki tiki
its a page from wikipedia
and the nets a bit like an encyclopedia

im writing on face book
when I wanted to take a look
at my mothers mutual friends
and then I saw a real person really really bent

in the coke there is some fiz
when I read I read wiz biz
and I likethe tacos
but I hate my moms curry nachos

The clock is a bit ticky
have you seen my dads page on Wiki Tiki
Its a page from wikipedia
 and the nets a bit like an encyclopedia

~ Leonardo D'Gama ~