After having worked with trainers for a considerable amount of time, I began to put my notes together and do some further research to find out the specific qualities that good trainers ought to possess. This resulted in a scanning of several Train the Trainer programs existing in India and abroad. Eventually, after going through many defined competencies of trainers we took the best of our trainers and set benchmarks based on their exhibited competencies. We compared these against the world-class competencies and created a quick and easy grid to benchmark our trainers. Then started a complex process of creating a training program which typified the precise work we did at IL&FS - creation of top class trainers and facilitators. The program was aimed at instilling some basic facilitator attributes in our trainers. It is graded and each trainer was given a detailed feedback on specific areas of competence. In the first year, I personally trained and certified some 105 trainers, mentoring the ones who didn't make the grade and bringing them up to speed. Sadly, many of those trainers left and joined other organizations where they were feted as "best in class".


This program was created for those trainers who would not be involved in personal effectiveness training - more of content and skill development. A new program was created where the focus was on building good training programs and delivering them to groups in a classroom. The program has been adopted in principle by IGNOU and will be available as a certificate program shortly. A voluminous guidebook to training was created with the help of some great people at IL&FS and a very efficient support group. In another parallel, I-TRAIN was sent to the Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA) for assessment and accreditation. At the time of leaving IL&FS I received a mail from SQA which indicated that the program was ready for accreditation with a few operational issues to be sorted out.


This program is a training of trainers engaged in vocational training of youth for employability. The focus is very clearly on skill building without much theory, though the essential parts of understanding the trainees have been retained. This program is now the property of IL&FS Skills Development Corporation (ISDC) and has been made an essential component of all Training of Trainers across the country.