People matter, not subject matter.

Coming from the school background where the syllabus had to be delivered - or, covered as it is usually called - one of the greatest revelations in the various kinds of training happened. We began to realize that people mattered, not content. Content was merely an excuse for helping people to learn something and change their behaviour. Here are some of the interventions we created and which were based entirely on our understanding of adult learning principles and the people we were dealing with.

Technology in Education

While most other organizations focused on getting computers into the classroom, we focused on getting teachers comfortable with teaching using technology. While they spent a lot of time trying to demystify the computer by explaining its parts, we spent the same time helping teachers create learning materials using any kind of technology that was convenient, even a computer. Eventually, we ended up spending more time on working with the pedagogy of using technology rather than learning to manipulate the mouse! That worked for us.

Managing Bank Managers

One great realization when designing a Sales Management program for Bank Managers, Sales Managers and others in the great financial selling circle, was that contrary to the public impression of banks as monolithic, process bound institutions, there were a lot of young people who needed to understand the process of selling ethically and emotionally. So, the program grew into a series of practical sessions of empathy, understanding and emotional selling. A very successful venture.