Stories from the Training Room

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“Why am I here?” and other mysteries

as published in Kolkata Kindle, the NHRD Network Magazine (April 2013)

Dealing with Diversity

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Dealing with Diversity – a layman’s view
as published in the magazine Human Capital in July 2016

T equals L

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T equals L

A practitioner’s view on what the job of Learning and Development will entail in the future
as Published in the magazine Business Manager, September 2016

Success is not only in the delivery of training. Often it is in the design and development that the real success is built in. In the two stories below this idea is further developed.
Developing the right kind of content that works is an art. While at IL&FS Leslie developed content working with some fabulous teams of people in areas as wide as Language, Teaching, Debt Recovery, Banking and Retail. Read on ...
During my tenure with IL&FS Education, I had the opportunity to develop world-class training material for trainers and a graded certification program.
Many years ago I learnt the lesson that real changes come from very small people.

MP3s - a fabulous investment opportunity

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What are the best investments that one can make in life? I have adapted this article from a talk given by Dr Zahid H Gangjee, Management Consultant, to a packed hall at an ISTD sponsored session. My learnings ...

Changing Challenges in the Classroom

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Changing Times, Changing Challenges in Education
An inspirational discussion for teachers-in-training held at St Xavier's College B.Ed Department, August 2011

Five Great Motivators

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Five Great Motivators

Feeling Tone, Level of Anxiety, Interest, Success, Knowledge of Results

The computer has it all

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