Shyamguri Tea Estates - a new experience

On the invitation of the Directors of Luxmi Tea Company, I took a trip across to Shyamguri Tea Estates in Assam. My first visit to a tea estate!
A longish 4 hour drive from Guwahati at night, a warm welcome from a gathering of estate managers and other VIPs from around the area and a quick biryani dinner ... then a luxurious bath and crash into a kind sized bed. The Brits ensured the continuation of comfort, for sure. My host, Dulal Gogoi, was more than hospitable, plying me with lovely pork sausages and an English breakfast on day 1 and an Indian breakfast on Day 2.

Early morning tea on a trolley and a productive day with the managers and assistant managers of the group estates, exploring learning needs, company culture and the unique world of the tea planters! For many it was a first time discussion.

This was followed by an extensive tour of the tea estate in a 4-wheel drive with two passionate and excited Managers - Mr Debnath and Mr Poddar. A walk through the nursery first and then through the entire process of tea planting, growing and manufacturing. A great experience and I didn't carry my camera!
The one blot on the horizon was Aircel who cut off my only communication line without ceremony. Not all that bad since I was forced into "rest" mode!