Engineering Trainers

The beginning of this week was an exhilirating experience for me. A group of 23 engineers from a very respected engineering consultancy were brought together to undergo the first of my programs where we look at building knowledge sharing skills.

The big difference for me was that for once I was not "Training the Trainer" but helping hard core engineers to gain some training skills so that they can use their expertise to develop fresh employees. This is so much more useful than popping into an organization, doing an off-the-shelf course and disappearing. In this model the people who understand the content and skills best, the senior executives, are given charge of inducting and training the future workers. All they felt they needed were some pointers on how to make their training more effective, interesting and productive. We did all that and more, minus the lectures.

We went through multiple exercises and some of the big take-homes were expressed in writing ... here are some:

"I liked the way the trainer got the participants involved ... giving opportunities to each and everyone to interact and finally taking stock of what we learnt ... This is fantastic!"

"Sense of humour of the trainer ... this is the first training program where I didn't feel sleepy."

"I liked the content in the program and the technique of participative learning."

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High class work, as usual!! Love the participant feedback.