About LDG

The Polymath

For those who came in late, here’s a brief list of the kind of things I have dabbled with over the years … what never fails to surprise me is that there are so many people out there who are so similar .. Jacks of All Trades, Masters of a few, not all.

I am a teacher of English Literature by academic degrees, a Corporate Trainer by Professional Qualification and, to earn a living, I do a lot of Training and Development both with Teachers and Executives.

I have also earned money out of Photography and Video, Music (Guitar, Bass, Piano, Keyboards), painting (posters, mainly), writing for newspapers and magazines, Computer programming (ah, the good old days) and teaching Mathematics to middle school kids!  It’s all there somewhere …

And, now with a certain air of confidence, considering my three kids, giving talks on Parenting too.

BTW – the first time the word Versatile was used to describe me was when Dr Guy Blackburn of the Oakland Schools, Michigan, was conducting a workshop on teaching methods at the USIS. He asked us to write a single adjective describing ourselves on a PostIt and stick  it onto our shirt pockets. I wrote “versatile” and he commented, “I am going to remember that, but it’s more important that you remember that for a long time!”

Have fun, find me on Linked In, Facebook .. whatever, just send some feedback.

Brief Profile of Leslie

Leslie was formerly a senior teacher (English, Computer Science and Maths) and Systems Administrator at St Xavier’s Collegiate School, Calcutta, during which time he studied the differences between the learning styles of high school students and adults and created his own model of participative learning.

He focuses on helping young people develop themselves. He conducts interactive workshops, motivational talks and guidance programmes in various disciplines such as communication skills, teamwork, leadership, personality development, interpersonal behaviour and career choices. 

He has conducted sessions at multiple institutions, schools and colleges across the country and with the British Council where he is currently an empaneled facilitator.

Having been the Scoutmaster of St Xavier’s and District Scoutmaster of the First Calcutta District for over a decade, he is experienced at designing and conducting activity based, outdoor programmes for motivating and developing young people.

More information and photographs of various programmes conducted with a wide range of target groups can be viewed at  www.facebook.com/LearnDevelopGrow

Academic and Professional Qualifications include an M.A., a B.Ed,  and a Diploma in Training & Development from ISTD, New Delhi, and an accreditation as a FIRO-B Practitioner (Consulting Psychologists Press).  He has been accredited by the Scottish Qualification Authority in conducting sessions for trainers on “Planning and Delivering Sessions to Groups”. He has also attended training in Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) conducted by ISABS (Indian Society for Applied Behavioural Sciences) and Competency Mapping conducted by National HRD Network, (among several other workshops and seminars).

Story behind the Logo

Six years ago, when I was deciding to work for someone else or myself, I initially had to create an option to my full time job.  Will it work?  Will it grow? Will it fail? Into this quagmire of indecision stepped Sumit Lai Roy – an old friend, a schoolmate and a person I admired for the kind of things he has done for advertising and for theatre in my city, Kolkata (or Calcutta as it is better known).  In fact, I had recently returned from an offsite at Khandala where Sumit was a driving force behind the creation of one of the excellent learning facilities there.

Over a soup and sandwiches at Chai Break, we talked about what I wanted to do.  His incisive questioning led to me believe that the safety of a nine to five might be preferable to striking out on my own.  However, we persevered through a conversation that made me very shaky … then I left my job.Read the rest of the story here.