Online Learning

This is a new section to capture all the learnings that have taken place during the pandemic, the lock down situation and the Teaching-Learning Challenges that have been forced on us.

It also outlines the work done by LDG with various institutions during this time.

Here’s one of the first documents I created for teachers who were getting frantic about Zoom.

Flipped Classrooms

What are the basic elements of a Flipped Classroom that lends itself to Online Education?

Let’s find out in the micro-lecture video referenced below

Working with Teachers

Working across 5 institutions, with 340+ teachers, implementing Flipped Classrooms as a method of managing Online Learning, has been a wonderful experience. The program is at two levels: 

Introductory where the nuts and bolts of technology is taught along with the teaching concepts, and the higher level where the focus is on the learning, with help from the technology.

The programs include 4-5 hours of synchronous contact sessions on Google Meet and more than 10 hours of individual and group work before and after the sessions.As expected from a facilitator with 40+ years of teaching experience, the focus is entirely on Learning By Doing with an element of Teaching By Design.